• How to choose DSP?

    What are we talking about when we talk about a programmer? Advertisers have one coveted acronym - DSP (Demand Site Platform), or demand-side platform. Before advertising, it's important to choose a DSP that fits your goals.
  • How to pay for advertising on Facebook

    If you are new to facebook advertising, there are many questions not only about setting up a campaign, but also about paying.
  • How to set up targeting and privacy

    The first way - the most important and already on the verge of extinction - 3rd-party cookies in browsers. This is the user ID on the network, installed on the site by a third-party platform (or technology provider). Cookies are stored on the user's device, they can be deleted. Digital advertising is optimized for 3rd-party cookies. Firefox and Safari have already stopped supporting 3rd-party cookies, and Google Chrome, which accounts for 64% of the global browser market and 69% in Ukraine, will get rid of 3rd-party cookies in 2023.
  • Step by step: how to audit Facebook advertising

    Marketers and advertisers who place ads on Facebook closely monitor the results of their campaigns on a daily or weekly basis. The Facebook Ads advertising cabinet helps with this.
  • TOP-5 Google Ads Advertising Formats: How to Choose, Adapt, and Test

    When you place banner ads on the Display Network, you'll need to choose the right image size. Adjusting and optimizing your ads will help you improve your ad campaign results and manage your advertising budget effectively.