How to pay for advertising on Facebook

If you are new to facebook advertising, there are many questions not only about setting up a campaign, but also about paying.

In Ukraine, there is only one way to pay for advertising on Facebook - it's payment by bank card or PayPal. First, the ad is set up and launched, there is interaction with the target audience, and when the cost limit reaches the specified value, facebook writes off the amount spent from the card or PayPal. Let's find out where and how to set up payment.

Business Manager vs Ads Manager FacebookYou can manage your Facebook advertising with Ads Manager and Business Manager. How are they different and which one to choose?

Ads Manager is a personal advertising account that each user has. It allows you to create ads, manage them, pay, view and edit campaigns.

Business Manager is a business tool that is not available to all users, it must be created and configured separately. It contains all the tools that can be used for facebook advertising campaigns.

Differences between Ads Manager and Business Manager

Which tool to use depends on the goals. If you plan to advertise only your page, and it is maintained by one person - Ads Manager functionality is enough. But if you want to distribute employee roles on a page, use a lot of advertising tools and a few pixels, it's best to choose Business Manager. It has more functionality, but at the same time, it is more difficult to configure and use. It is better to turn to professionals to create and maintain Business Manager Facebook. But you can pay for advertising in both tools.

The principle of paying for advertising on facebookWhen you place an ad on Facebook, you set a budget for each ad. The system distributes the specified amount evenly throughout the advertising period.

There is a set budget, and there is a sum of expenses. The budget is the amount you're willing to spend, and the amount spent is the amount spent from the total budget. The budget will not always be equal to the amount you spend. Facebook will not write more money than you set. for example, a maximum budget of $ 50 / month was set, but $ 40 was spent on performance. In this case, the bill will be billed for $ 40.

Budget can be of two types:

Daily is the amount you're willing to spend on ads each dayTotal - The amount for the entire period during which the ad was displayedThe cost of advertising is determined by auctions within the system. That is, ads compete for delivery. The advertiser only pays for the number of clicks and views.

Advertising is paid automatically. Money is written off when the limit is reached. To do this, a credit / debit card or PayPal account is linked to your account. You can connect a credit line, which is opened by additional representatives of Facebook, if you have proven your reliability and spent a certain amount of money. Payments for advertising are in US dollars, the rate is determined at the time of debiting.

You can create and maintain an advertising cabinet yourself, understand the intricacies of settings, payments and registrations. And you can turn to specialists, get a ready-to-use tool. We provide facebook advertising offices, where all methods of paying for facebook advertising are available. You can also pay for advertising on facebook and instagram by cashless payment. We work in accordance with Ukrainian legislation.

The payment method administrator may add to the Ads Manager or Business Manager payment method before posting a new ad. Please check that you have added a payment method that is supported in Ukraine.

Go to the payment settings, in the "Payment method" section, click "Add payment method". Then follow the instructions on the screen. The chosen payment method is saved and becomes the main one. You can add several payment methods and choose the main one.